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Please take your time answering this survey with as much detail as possible (where applicable). Tigerweb uses this information to help us develop an understanding of who you are, what's most important to you, what your interests are, and down to what you find funny. In essence, this is the first step for us to effectively and accurately represent you on social media.

This is an ongoing process, and as we work together we'll continue adding to your social profile.


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Please list some of your competitors, and provide links (if you can) to their websites and/or social media profiles. We keep an eye on who you indicate here to make sure you're staying ahead of the competition.
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Do you have any hobbies / interests that are unrelated to your business or organization, but that you'd like to include? This can help develop a more personal brand.
Tigersocial avoids topics that are generally controversial by nature (politics, religion/faith) unless they are specifically listed as a core value above. List any other topics that you'd like to blacklist (if you can think of any). You can always add more later.
Tigersocial will use this to begin piecing together your social profile DNA. This is a process, and as we continue working with you we'll get a better and better idea of who you are. Please use the box below to add anything else you think we left out that might help us.